Janet Brady

Artist and Teacher – Watercolour, Acrylic, Drawing and Sketchbook Mastery.

“I have always been fortunate to work in the creative world. I am passionate about art and teaching.”

Watercolour is such a magical medium, by mastering a lightness of touch combined with speed, transparency, and layering you will fall in love with its properties and the wonderful effects you can produce.

Acrylic is my favourite medium to work in particularly for my own practise. It is so versatile when used in conjunction with other media, I can be as inventive and exploratory as I want. It dries fast and suits my painting style.

“Capture your passion and energy “

Good drawing is key to good painting. I can teach anyone to draw, it’s a learned skill. To draw well however you need to put in hours of practise starting with just ten minutes a day.

I love sketchbooks, they offer the opportunity to create a book that is a work of art in itself. Your own sketchbook full of scribbles and loose drawings.

A graduate of the Royal College of Art I began by following my dream career as a Fashion Designer, I travelled the world working with major brands. My dream job peaked as head of knitwear at Burberry which lasted almost ten years.

Deciding to leave London we moved to Devon to a beautiful pink cottage called “Brambles.” Tucked away in the sleepy hamlet of Sprytown it couldn’t be more of a contrast.

My main focus is teaching art as one of the two tutors at Brambles Art Retreat. Sharing my twenty years of skills with all level of learners.

It is very important for me to create and paint, I regularly produce new bodies of work to exhbit in galleries and art shows throughout the UK.

Peter Davies

Artist and Teacher – Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Life-Drawing, Drawing.

“I like to work from nature, using observation as a starting point. My inspiration is the potential, my enjoyment is the emergent.”

“Draw what you see not what you think you see”

I am interested in the relationship between image and reality. Art as an illusion. Not just of the objects but of the physical space around them and their interaction with light.

Though I’m not interested in narrative work, I will use a particular material/technique to describe some aspect of reality. For instance; in my Mining paintings, I took as inspiration the surface of the photographs I used for reference (worn and battered like an old rock seam) and worked the charcoal accordingly.