sketchbooking workshop

I am excited to be hosting a 2 – day sketch-booking workshop on the 13th and 14th of June. The fabulous venue is The Garden House, Yelverton, Devon. It’s very beautiful, lots of gorgeous flowers and architecture, with such an abundance of inspiration.

Free entry, materials provided, tuition from –, Workshop discount for lunch. Price is £50.00 per day.

The Garden House, Buckland Monachorum, Yelverton, Dartmoor, Devon PL20 7LQ

Tel: 01822 854769

To book a place visit their website:

Art group lecturing

I like to teach for a day seession, a demo followed by a lunch break, afterwards working 1-1 with the class. I am often asked to teach for two or three consecutive weeks to build up continuity and to see how work develops.

I have taught at a charity called “Battling On” based in Cornwall. Working with Veterans to find a creative pathway to be in the moment, relax and enjoy being creative with a group of like-minded people.

"The Golden Touch" 1-1 Teaching

I offer 1-1 teaching and mentoring – this service meets many different needs.

Sometimes a good painter needs guidance to recognise the strength of their work.  By focusing on one or two areas honing their skills and strengthening their work.

teaching  painting in a very technical way, improving scale, ariel perspective, tone, colours and techniques.

Helping painters prep for exhibitions, framing, pricing, focusung on collections of work.

Other painters love learning, they like to be challenged to try new things and thouroughly enjoy the learning journey. I set monthly challenges and review them in time for the next meeting.

Finding time to paint with a purpose, wanting to keep skills fresh and learn new ones along the way.

We look at different painting styles, aspirations and create pintrest boards of  inspiration.

I tailor the teaching to suit each individual persons needs.

I charge £50.00 per hour, in a block of 6 sessions.

It is extremely valuable having someone give honest and informed feedback on your work. I often feel something is amiss with a painting but struggle to articulate it; Janet consistently does exactly that to identify those nagging doubts – and so help correct them…and in a good humoured way.  I work in oils, acrylics and latterly watercolours and have enjoyed the journey of working with Janet for over two years. As well as zoom sessions, sometimes visiting to get a better impression of the work than digital media conveys, she will provide written feedback and direction for future work. She is patient with my somewhat erratic choice of subjects and I have found a positive alchemy that has greatly assisted in what can otherwise, at times, be a solitary endeavour. 

Doug G

“ I really enjoy my 1:1 sessions with Janet each month.  It’s great to have a teacher who is solely focussed on you.  The sessions are suitable for an improver, as well as an experienced painter, as they are tailored to your own needs.  

I have a monthly meeting on line with Janet, to discuss what I would like to achieve, or just enjoy, in my painting over the following weeks.  She then provides lots of ideas and inspiration, and is great at finding suitable photos to work from, and helping you with the planning process.  After around four weeks, I submit photos of what I have painted, along with a few notes explaining what I have enjoyed or found difficult.  Janet then provides great written feedback, which we discuss at the next meeting a few days later.  We then plan for the next four weeks.

This has worked very well for me.  It has provided me with creative ideas and inspiration, as well as improving my painting and composition skills.  “

Debbie R