Art Academy review – may 7th – May 15th 2022


a two cedntr holiday

Palermo & Cefalu









Such a wonderful mixture of cultures.

Norman Art and Architecture in abundance. Such splendour, we saw some of the best mosaics in the world. Beautiful building, Cathederals, Monasteries, Palazzos, with so much design and detail. Incredibly carved marble, like softly draped fabric. Gorgeous sandy colours and exotic vegetation. mediteranian seas, a selection of amazing colours.

Delicious food, exotic and traditional fare. From the streets food in the market to the best food in special restaurants where the hospitality was second to none 

then we moved on to


It was very like Amalfi, but with far more space.

A very beautiful city, very picturesque and freindly. A wondeerful cathederal, lovely lanes of shops and restaurants and a beautiful beach.

Our hotel was a pleasant 20 minutew walk to town. We watched the sunrise every morning and the private beach was fantastic not only for painting  but also  swimming. 


Cefalu Rocks

Some of the painting and sketches created by the painters on the course.

my sicily sketchbook


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Rose Challenge

Rose Challenge

This week in my group “Sketchaway” on Facebook we are starting a “War of the Roses” challenge. Sketching, drawing and painting roses. I will post about my gorgeous roses and my sketches, giving you the opportunity to post up your sketches of roses. I’d love to see...

The Golden Section or Golden Ratio

The Golden Section or Golden Ratio

Golden Section or Golden Ratio is the special ratio found in nature in things like the distribution of leaves on a stem, or the formation of a snail shell. It has long been held that this ratio is especially pleasing to the eye and has aesthetic qualities when applied...

You Don’t Have to Paint the Telegraph Poles

You Don’t Have to Paint the Telegraph Poles

But sometimes the telegraph poles are THE THING! Inspired by driving along the Devon lanes in late summer early evenings, with the light splashing onto the telegraph poles. The effect was created in acrylic on canvas board by first painting the sky and cloud wet into...


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