Thank you - it’s great you want to join us.

What’s next?

  1. Enquiry bookings: We will contact you to discuss your plans and whether you wish to proceed further to confirm the booking.
  2. Confirmed bookings: We have your details, the date of your course, and your length of stay. You will shortly receive a Confirmation Of Booking email.
  3. Please check all the details are correct and amend if necessary.
  4. Please pay your deposit and secure your place, either through the secure payment link embeded in the email or via the bank transfer details also given.
  5. Please send an email back to us lettting us know how you have paid.
  6. A Confirmation Of Booking balance email will be sent out for the rest of your fee four weeks before the start of your course.


What to do to be fully prepared!

  1. If travelling by train we need to coordinate your arrival and departure times.
  2. We send an equipment list – our suggestion about the kit you should bring.
  3. Bring whatever materials you have, don’t buy any more as we have most things you need here.
  4. We would like you to bring a couple of pieces of work with you ( if you have any) so that we can assess your drawing and painting skills.
  5. Why not brush up your drawing skills and start a sketchbook – visit our sketchbooking website