Thank you - it’s great you want to join us.

Ancora de Chianti – What’s next?

  1. We have your details and your length of stay
  2. you will shortly receive a confirmation of booking form by email.
  3. Please check all the details are correct and amend if necessary.
  4. Fill in emergency contact and insurance details.
  5. Send the completed form back to me by post or email a signed photo.
  6. Flight suggestions  – we try to arrange the best solution for all guests to arrive together and travel as a group.
  7. Pay your deposit and secure your place.


What to do to be fully prepared!

  1. We send an equipment list – our suggestion about the kit you should bring.
  2. We suggest the colour palette for an Italian landscape.
  3. We send you photos so you can try painting an Italian landscape.
  4. Get your drawing skills up to scratch – start a sketchbook.