Interesting question ……… I do love recording things in a sketchbook, I love it more when it’s full and you go to it sometime later and see what i drew, and read what i wrote. I like to take a sketchbook with me on holiday, but I have learnt to reduce the size of my sketchbook so that I don’t spend the whole of my holiday sketching and not socialising. I can so easily go to it and be so self absorbed I don’t know what’s going on and I don’t participate in the social events around me. I really miss sketching when I don’t do it. I miss reflecting on my sketches and words as we don’t remember everything we do and a sketcbook/journal is a great aide-memoire. So it has to be a balance, I sketch in the early morning or sketch in the down time when the group are chilling! I sketch in the evening before bed. I claw back my sketching time without missing out on the holiday. Is sketching my obsession… I think so!!! tags: Sketching, drawing, journalling, holiday journal, obsession

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