> While in Tokyo we went to the national museum to see the Japanese national treasures. One in particular stood out – Hokusai. > Many of his beautiful wood cut prints, which look like paintings are there and some very special hand painted scrolls. Several of his works from a series of work called “ one hundred views of Mt Fuji. > Our next stop on our trip was a place called Kawaguchiko, we chose this location for the fabulous views of Mt Fuji. Our hotel was at the edge of the lake and the amazing view straight in front of us was Mt Fuji, huge and imposing a real “ Wow “ view never to be forgotten. > We took a boat ride out onto the lake and had 40 minutes of non stop views so clear and beautiful. Mt Fuji has amazing presence and is very highly respected by the Japanese. She doesn’t always show herself and you can visit and see nothing. We have always been lucky and on our three visits have always had great views and the last time was by far the best. > The view is so paintable and really stunning, I have tons of photos and sketches. Prompted by such a fabulous visit and my love of Hokusai I have set myself a challenge to also produce 100 views of Mt Fuji. >