My muse – Mt Fuji. We’ve recently been travelling in Japan and Hong Kong and the trip was a feast of beautiful views and a source of so much inspiration. Over the next few months I’m going to share my creative journey. This is to show how valuable it is to have a daily routine drawing, sketching and painting. How I develop an idea from a thought into a collection of paintings and how sketching is such an important part of my journey. Japan is a truly beautiful country. The scenery is stunning, the mixture of culture, history, and their way of life – really beautiful. 3 weeks non stop visiting so many beautiful places was not only amazing but a bit of a sensory overload. I’m not complaining but at the end of our trip I felt great but also really tired. I’ve so many beautiful photos of the stunning places we visited, and a head full of memories. One of them most beautiful places we visited, and one of those WOW moments that will be in my head forever, was Mount Fuji. Ive seen it several times before, but this time was extra special. Often shrouded in cloud it’s risky as to whether you’ll get a view or not. Fortunately we have always been lucky and this time was no exception.