Yes! We can suggest a kit of things you can bring yourself that can be taken in your hold luggage if traveling by air. This would include a selection of oil paints and a small bottle of Johnsons baby oil, which can be used to thin the paint and clean the brushes. We would recommend small canvas covered boards or similar to paint on. Boards can be separated with corks and safely stored for the journey home again. We try to acquire low odour thinners or turpentine or similar at the destination location. For further  information have a look at this article Travelling by plane with Winsor & Newton art materials on the Windsor and Newton website.
We supply our guests with an equipment list pertaining to their chosen medium(s), we would expect our guests to try to provide as much as they can according to this list. Exceptions being the white spirit and low odour thinners required for oil painting, we will provide this at the location.\r\n\r\nWe usually provide a couple of spare sets of equipment for each media, so do not worry if you can't pack everything on the list, and remember, you can always try a new media if you just fancy having a go.\r\n\r\nIf you are traveling to one of our destinations by car then we would also ask you to bring along a light-weight chair and an easel and board.
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