Pencil, Pen, Charcoal, Ink, we cover all the bases. Drawing is a learned skill, everyone can learn to draw.  Janet teaches basic drawing skills using three main tools:


  1. symbolism, familiar shapes  2. negative space and edges  3. measuring

In Janets class no pencils are allowed only a pen. The importance of looking cannot be stressed enough. “Working only with pen means each mark needs to me more considered and definite. Erasing marks is a pure waste of effort, if you use a pencil you just give yourself permission to make a mistake and then correct it.”
Painting is an extension of drawing, the brush more versatile and expressive. Drawing should be forgotten once learnt, it should be instinctive, the brush or pen an extension of thinking, and a means of expression.
Peter loves to work with Charcoal and introduces edges rather than lines as a way of looking. Backed up by the use of tone this is a n excellent foundation for painting.