Versatile and Vibrant.
Both Janet and Peter teach Acrylic. Their diverse painting styles compliment and contrast each other. Peter enjoys still life and Life painting, Janet prefers landscapes, seascapes and semi abstract landscapes.

This is a very versatile medium, more forgiving than Watercolour, but less versatile in its blending, it can be used very dramatically with a bold use of colour and texture. Colour mixing is important as the colours can look fake and too bright. Many layers add depth to a painting.
This medium lends itself to very modern painting, bold colours and rough textures. It is quick drying and easily manipulated, it can be painted on many surfaces.
They both advocate heavy bodied paints, Cryla or Golden brands are their favourites.

A selection of colours they suggest:
Cold colours:                            Warm colours
Alizarin Crimson                         Cadmium Red
Phthalo  Blue                               Ultramarine  Blue
Lemon Yellow                              Cadmium Yellow
Deep Violet                                  Burnt Sienna
Sap Green                                    Titanium White