An online course in Sketch-booking Mastery by Janet Brady

Janet’s has worked in sketchbooks for the last 18 years, and she has a wealth of drawing and painting experience to share. Janet’s personal Sketchbooks have been greatly admired. She is a creative through and through. She has a shelf full of beautiful sketch books and often makes her own. She has also been commissioned to paint a personalised sketchbook for a private garden in Devon.

She is an art teacher at Brambles Art Retreat , and an working artist in her own right. Janet’s passion for art, creativity and teaching skills all come together beautifully as she shares her skills in a confident and relaxed manner by video.

This 5 week course is aimed at reigniting a love of art, teaching you the core skills of drawing and painting al while working in a sketchbook. . It takes the pressure off having to “produce a masterpiece” by showing you how useful working in a sketchbook is.
You can fill it with anything from jotting down creative ideas, practising your core skills, while enjoying the topics and learning to make a beautiful sketchbook in its self.
A sketchbook can document a lovely holiday, the ever changing seasons in your garden, your favourite walks, and secret places. You can illustrate your poetry, your stories or memories. It can be a cook book, document the wildlife birds, bees, and butterflies. Whatever it may be that interests you and you and whatever you want to draw, paint and write about.

The course is delivered by via email.  The 5 modules will consist of pre-recorded videos, weekly topic sheets and a weekly task sheet covering the topics mentioned in the video. You will be given instruction related to each module.
If you would like constructive feedback back on your work, you need to submit your work 5 days after the module is sent out. This is not obligatory. Students will be encouraged to join a Sketch-booking community, either in a private Facebook group or on WhatsApp. Janet encourages participants to post comments, ask questions and to show work in the group. Janet will monitor the group and respond accordingly. The course is strategic, instructive, progressive and fun!


Videos will be scheduled in advance and the date and time published to each member in advance. All content is recorded and made available to view several times. Question regarding the module can be sent by email to or asked on the Sketchaway Facebook page.


You will need the following basic equipment, a sketchbook, indelible pens, a range of watercolour paints, natural sponges, a wax crayon and masking fluid. A book to journal in and a small sketchbook to create a mark-making library.


To get the most out of the course it will be best to follow the video and do the task assignments each week by the deadlines specified. The videos and posts will be available for catch-up and review throughout the course and for one month after the course ends.

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