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Sketchaway – 5 Sketch-booking mastery.

There’s nothing like a beautiful new sketchbook with its crisp white pages, gorgeous paper, smelling so new and waiting to be filled. But wait – what if I ruin it? I’m too scared to even start, what if I do a terrible drawing? Even if I could start I cant think what to put in it. Does this sound all too familiar? Stopping you from even starting!

This five week course give you the skills, confidence and inspiration to fill your sketch books with pages of beautiful drawings, scribbles, prep- sketches, paintings and words. it teaches you to plan and layout your pages beautifully. Janet strategically shares her skills and makes it easy!

Janet Brady has created an online Sketch-booking Mastery course which is available now. A set of 5 video tutorials and demos on how to develop your core drawing and painting skills in a sketchbook, culminating in your sketchbook becoming a work of art in itself.

Tutor and creator of Sketchaway5 – Janet Brady M Des R.C.A

“I have really loved the Sketchaway 5 week course it exceeded all my expectations. The course content was so interesting and to get feedback on each week’s work as such a bonus and very much appreciated.  If you want to improve your sketching then sign up. I also felt part of a class as we all communicated on WhatsApp and saw each other’s work. “ Leslie Chami – Bristol UK

The course comprehensively covers Core skills, sketchbook page layouts, Drawing, Composition, Colour, Journaling, Mark Making and so much more. She explains clearly and succinctly in a logical way, her method and techniques, showing you how to make your own individual sketchbooks look beautiful while learning.

Janets course takes sketch-booking to another level, you have the opportunity to watch in-depth tutorials and demos covering great topics. Her inspiring videos shares her 19 years teaching knowledge and skills. She is a creative and often invents techniques that make seemingly difficult tasks easy.

“Another good week, it’s amazing how I get absorbed into the topics and for a few days……..Looking forward to next weeks and building on what we have done so far. Thank you, as I am really enjoying myself.” – Participant -Julie Archer. Evesham

“ Thanks Janet. I found your video helpful…… It’s very professional!” Participant – Angela Wilkie. Northumberland.

Each module has accompanying topic sheets covering all the main points in the videos, and each week you will also receive a set of tasks to complete. To get personal, analytical and constructive feed back from Janet you need to submit photos of your work each week. Feedback will be returned to you before the next module is delivered.

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Module 4 – Techniques

For a sneak peak at what Janet teaches in the course follow this link

If you haven’t already, Janet highly recommends you join her private Facebook group Sketchaway It’s a lively, arty, community of sketch bookers. in here Janet offers lots of tips, demos, info sharing, videos and freebies. She sets a weekly topic and comments on work posted. Its the best place for you to post comment and ask questions.

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As a natural progression and to continue your Sketchaway – Sketch-booking mastery journey

Janet offers:


This course takes Sketch-booking to the next level. Another five inspiring modules to stretch and encourage your creativity in a sketchbook. With stronger emphasis on each page layout and the narrative around your work. All while working on your own themed sketchbook. This Course is delivered Fortnightly.

Each Module has two topics, the video teaching and demos are extensive.

Module 1 – Flowers – an in-depth look at cut flowers how they are shaped their special colours and soft backgrounds. Also flowers in borders or out in the wild.

Module 2 – Perspective – a very tricky subject, technical but essential to drawing buildings well, starting with the theory of single and two point perspective and putting it in to practise painting beautiful Venice.

Module 3 – Seascapes – a real favourite, stunning colours, leaning the wave shapes and the patterns of the sea. Painting yachts, Rocks, and the coastline.

Module 4 – People and pets – placing people in your sketches, adding narrative and drawing our beloved pets, cats dogs, small animals and their tricky coats.

Module 5 – Butterflies, birds and Bees, the delicate wildlife we all adore. Butterflies on the buddleia, birds in our garden and the pollinators.

This follow on course can be bought as a set, or individually. Set of 5 = £200 or individually £50.00.

This online course Sketchaway5More is available to buy Now and we will be starting again on 6th May. This Course is delivered Fortnightly.