Morocco Review 2013

Tuesday 8th October – Saturday 19th October 2013

A very exciting eleven day painting trip to Morocco. We stayed for five days in a beautiful Riad in the Medina in Marrakech. We experienced the hustle and bustle of this magical city, staying only a few minutes walk from the Souks. It was very disorientating at first, once we found a few bold landmarks we easily found our way around the maze of tiny streets.

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We also visited Yves St Laurents beautifully designed Majorelle Gardens. Very dramatic and eye catching, such intense blue structures contrasting against the icy greens of the cacti.

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We went up in to the Atlas mountains to Ureeka for a days painting, it was a lovely drive, we saw such dramatic landscape away from the city. We sat in a riverside bar painting and watching the world go by. We hired a guide to take us up to the famous waterfalls, only two of the group had the stamina to go with him up steep sided walkway and over slippery rocks. You really needed a head for heights and feet as nimble as a mountain goat.

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We transferred by car to the beautiful coastal town of Essaouira, staying four nights in a riad in the Medina on a half board basis, the accommodation came with a fabulous French chef. This was a quieter seaside town and fishing port, much cooler and quite windy, so much so that wearing a warm woolly hat was a must while painting. It was slower paced town and excellent for painting. We hired a guide for the morning and he gently strolled around the city helping us find our bearings and explaining the history of Essaouira.

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We painted at the harbour enjoying the boats and the people. It was all very quiet as it was a major festival and the fishermen were all on holiday. The dramatic skyline of the fortified seaside town very paintable. We also sat in a bar and painted the palm trees and their shadows on the medina walls.

We returned to Marrakech for the last couple of days feeling more confident at finding our way around. Enjoying the hustle and bustle of the main square which came alive every night. We also visited the photographic museum and saw a great collection of black and white photos of Morocco from the past hundred years. This is just a snapshot of the trip, we had lovely meals in beautiful restaurants. There where plenty of shopping opportunities. We indulged in the spas and visited the more unusual part of the Souks where craftsmen made many things slipper, bags, belts, lamps, we saw where they made bowls, ironwork, jewellery and of course tagines. There where tons of painting opportunities and lots to take photos of, although we were very careful not to offend anyone by taking their photo without permission.

A selection of guests paintings and drawings.

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