Morocco 2018

Colourful Morocco

Marrakech and Essaouira 4th Oct – 13th Oct 2018

We begin the trip in the exciting city of Marrakech, staying in a Riad hotel in the heart of the city close to the main Square. This is located in the Medina, the ancient walled centre of the city.  You can soak up the colors, the costume, the amazing food and dramatic architecture. We visit the world famous Majorelle Gardens owned by Yves St Laurent they are a refreshing oasis, amazing colours in this busy city.
We split the trip between two contrasting cities, after five days in the busy city of Marrakech we head to the coast to Essaouira, the costal air is fresh and cool, the city is much less busy and more relaxed. This is a working port and ship building harbour it is a hive of activity and has always been an exciting place to paint. We really enjoy the contrast of the two cities.

We fly into Marrakech, it’s only two and a half hours from London, the airport is close to the city and the taxi only takes fifteen minutes by taxi to the hotel. We have stayed in several different Riad hotels all of which have been really comfortable, and hospitable. We like to stay near the main square as every evening it comes alive with food stalls, music, storytellers and dancers, you name it and it’s there. Each morning we like to sit in the local markets and cafes sketching and drawing the busy street life. We find interesting buildings, dramatic architecture and fabulous places to draw and paint, wether a carpet shop, clothing stall, metalworkers, bric-a-brac makers, leather goods, or food stall full of people it’s all great to paint. After lunch and a short rest we take to the roof terrrace or cool space to develop our sketches into paintings.

We transfer by car to the beautiful coastal city of Essaouira, it is a working harbour and boat building town full of interesting things to paint quite a contrast to Marrakech. It is a quieter and more laid back and it is a welcome contrast to the hustle and bustle of Marrakech. Each morning we choose a location to sketch and paint, Essaouira is a fortified city and the Medina walls provide a dramatic edge to to the cityscape. After lunch and a short rest we continue painting in a cool space developing our paintings.

To enjoy this trip you need to be able to draw and like working outside. We take painters of all levels and work with everyone to achieve their goals. We are two tutors covering all media, with different stlyes and teaching skills. We discuss composition, encourage sketching, colour mixing preparation, transferring ideas ready to paint, demonstrate painting techniques, and discuss paintings as they develop. Painters can work in any medium of their choice, they need to bring with them all the paint and tools they want to work in. We bring a small kit of each media to work with and share with our guests.

Breakfast is provided, lunch is not, we eat lunch wherever is suitable near where we are painting. Each evening we book a restaurant to eat together and enjoy the local food with its wonderful flavours, delicious spices.

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Morocco Prices 2018

Prices do not include transfers from and to airport. It does include price of transfers to and from Essaouira. It does not include lunch or evening meals. Prices to be confirmed.

Room Occupancy Per Person*DepositPrice
*Non-refundable deposit of £500.00 - full fee required on booking
Single Room£500£1650 tbc
Double/Twin Room - Painter Sharing£500£1550 tbc
Double/Twin Room - Non Painting Partner£500£950 tbc

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