Iceland 2019

After visiting Iceland in December 2017 seeing the dramatic landscape and such beautiful colours we think it would be an exciting new location to host a painting course.

Proposed Date : December 2019.

We will be searching for the perfect location in which to stay. We’d like a large house with a picture window with stunning views and lots of light. We’d like to offer an all inclusive package, we’d provide the tuition, accommodation, meals and include a few tours.

We visited a frozen Waterfall, the famous “Geyser” the original geyser that all others are named after. It was amazing to see the plumes of steam shoot up 50 ft into the air.  There will also be an opportunity to do a night boat trip to see the northern lights. We’d also like to visit an ice cave.

It is extremely cold in December, special clothing and footwear is essential. We won’t be sitting out sketching plein air in such low temperatures, however with good photography and iPads we will be equipped to work in a studio situation, in the warm, drawing and painting the wonderful scenery.

We will keep you posted on our search and let you know when we have a holiday package to offer.