Dates 2020

We are very flexible, enquire about any dates.

We will inform you of any changes to the courses offered below. We will adhere to all UK government travel restrictions. We will keep abreast of travel restrictions in countries we propose to visit. Italy, Southern Ireland And Greece. Stay safe.
Brambles DevonFeb 28th - Mar 1stWeekend
Brambles DevonMar 1st - Mar 6th5 Days
Japan Japan Tour - cancelled Apr 10th - 21st11 nights
Brambles Devon - cancelledApr 24th - 26th weekend
Brambles Devon - cancelledApr 26th - 1st May5 Days
ItalyAmalfi Coast - cancelledJune 7th -June 14th 7 Days
Brambles Devon July 5th - July 10th 5 Days
Brambles Devon July 10th - July 12thWeekend
Brambles Devon July 24th - July 26th Weekend
Brambles Devon July 26th - July 31st 5 Days
Brambles Devon Aug 2nd - Aug 7th 5 Days
Brambles Devon Aug 9th - Aug 14th 5 Days
Brambles Devon Aug 14th - Aug 16thWeekend
Brambles DevonAug 21st - Aug 23rdWeekend
Ireland Clonakilty Cork - fullAug 29th - Sept 5th 7 Days
CorfuCorfu - Greece Sept 19th - 26th7 Days
Brambles Devon Nov 1st - Nov 6th 5 Days
Brambles Devon Nov 6th - Nov 8th Weekend
Brambles Devon Nov 13th - Nov 15th Weekend
Brambles DevonNov 15th - Nov 20th 5 Days