Dates 2020

We are very flexible, enquire about any dates.

We are adhering to all UK government work /travel restrictions. We will keep abreast of travel restrictions in other countries we propose to visit, only Greece in 2020. When a 5 day course is followed by a weekend course we are changing our 5 day courses start day. We will now start on Saturday evening and finish on Thursday evening. We want a full 24 hour gap between a course ending and another beginning. Stay safe.
Brambles DevonFeb 28th - Mar 1stWeekend
Brambles DevonMar 1st - Mar 6th5 Days
Japan Japan Tour - cancelled Apr 10th - 21st11 nights
Brambles Devon - cancelledApr 24th - 26th weekend
Brambles Devon - cancelledApr 26th - 1st May5 Days
ItalyAmalfi Coast - cancelledJune 7th -June 14th 7 Days
Brambles Devon - cancelled
July 5th - July 10th 5 Days
Brambles Devon July 25th - July 30th - FULL 5 Days
Brambles Devon Aug 8th - Aug 13th - Full
5 Days
Brambles DevonAug 14th - Aug - 16th - FULLWeekend
Ireland Clonakilty Cork - cancelled Aug 29th - Sept 5th Cancelled7 Days
Brambles Devon - FullSept 11th - Sept 13thWeekend
CorfuCorfu - Greece - cancelled Sept 19th - 26th
7 Days
Brambles Devon - Full Sept 19 - 26th 7 Days
Brambles Devon - FullOct 10th - Oct 15th5 Days
Brambles Devon Oct 16 - Oct 18th Weekend
Brambles Devon Nov 14th - Nov 19th - cancelled 5 Days
Brambles DevonNov 20th - Nov 22nd