Corfu Review 2016

One of our favourite locations a perfect place to relax and paint.

The beautiful island of Corfu offers fabulous weather, an idyllic setting, and a wealth of painting vistas. We like to stay in the North East corner of the island, close to the village of Kassiopi. We avoid the high season and chose to host our course at the end of September. It is still very warm, in the mid 20s, the sea is warm although the days are short with dusk around 7.30pm.

This year due to the timing of the flights we chose to stay for one night in Corfu town. A very central hotel with great views of ancient Corfu. It also had a fabulous rooftop bar. We strolled into town to sample the bars and have supper at a nearby restaurant before heading back to the rooftop bar with a fabulous view.

We arranged for our guests to travel to Kassiopi by boat, travelling by sea a fun way to arrive, a great way of getting a feel of the island.

Our accommodation a private flat and a spacious villa situated on the shore of a very quiet beach just ten minutes walk from the town of Kassiopi.

There were seven painters, a mixed ability group, plenty of beginners learning to draw and paint  meeting the challenge of “plein air” painting. The house is very comfortable and well maintained and the walls are full of paintings of Corfu.

We all have breakfast together at the main house sat at a large outdoor table on benches. Everyone helps, sets and sides the table. We discuss the plan for the week and the day and work starts at 9.30. guests are grouped in media and ability so that the two tutors can work with everyone and teach to the needs and abilities. On this trip there is no teaching at weekends, everyone enjoyed the lazy Sunday familiarising themselves with the area and relaxing into the start of the holiday. Plenty of guests relaxed swimming as the sea was only 20ft away.