Sketchbook Share

I’ve been filling sketchbooks for many years now. Using them for preparation for painting ideas and as teaching tools showing the drawing and painting process. The selection below are from a very special sketch book, my “Stay at Home” sketchbook that I started using lockdown.
it documents all the changes from March 2020 to now., some things in our garden and around the house. But mostly the lane nearby where I walk our dog Jupiter. A diary of the season changing, the flowers vegetation, growth a blossoming of the hedgerows.

It’s been a real eye opener, I’ve lived here twenty years snd not really seen that lane and how beautiful it really is. I know every inch of those hedges and can spot a new flower, tree or plant as it grows or appears.

The big difference between these sketchbooks and my usual ones is in these I write my emotions, my anxieties, fears and worries during the covid19 pandemic. It’s cathartic, it’s good for me it helps. I have encouraged others
to do the same.