The hedgerows changing!

As summer approaches the hedgerows are springing into life.
I’ve been fascinated how each day things change, but this week the leaf growth has been abundant. The severely hacked back trees that are ravaged by the hedge trimmers in Autumn are now bursting into leaf.
Ive loved their architectural shapes dominating the skyline like arms reaching out passively or aggressively. They are now alive with new growth. Lovely fresh leaves, amazing colours filling up the hedges beautifully.

I love the shapes of these ravaged trees. In the early weeks the birds sat in the bare branches, getting frisky and singing their hearts out! Now they hide and nest amongst the foliage.
Time is ticking, things are changing…… is there light at the end of the tunnel? Hard to say, let’s hope so. I’ve been fascinated by these tunnels, the entrance to Rabbit burrows all along the beautiful hedgerows that have kept be sane and full of inspiration these last few weeks.