30/30 “Thirtyworks”

30/30 “Thirtyworks”

The challenge to create thirty pieces of work in thirty consecutive days.
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Thirty works the first 9…..

It’s been a challenge, the muse has been with me most of the time. On the first say I wandered down our back lane, deep in the Devon countryside wondered where to start. I wanted it to be fresh and with purpose I didn’t expect to dig so deep, to find my oldest memories, my demons my existential musings…… but that’s what’s come out.

The following six, paintings a total to date of 15.

I followed my heart, I didn’t worry about painting style, the “Altered Glass” effect gave me such freedom. The simplistic style of painting I find pleasing and an easy way to develop a painting quickly.

The next 3, 18 to date.
This completes 21 paintings submitted.

I’m looking forward to the next 9 paintings. Watch this space!