Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Firstly find the time to paint, give it as much importance as other things you do. Plan in advance what you are going to paint, start thinking about it, collect ideas in a sketch or scrap book. If you have only allocated yourself a morning or afternoon to paint you don’t want waste all your time planning in your painting session.
Switch off the phone, no disturbances or distractions, be in the moment and loose yourself in paper and paint.

Allow yourself time to play, work up your idea and test things out. As adults we set ourselves seriously high goals that often we can’t achieve.

Join a group, there are plenty of local art groups Around, often you need to find the one that best for you. Do you want a relaxed chatty group, or a competitive more dynamic group, don’t settle for the first one you find. Recommendations are good, try asking the local framer he is likely know the artists in the groups and the standard of work they produce.

Paint with a friend, it can be quite boring painting in a vacuum so if you have a Painting Pal it can be much more fun! Bouncing ideas off each other, sharing ideas and arty news, planning trips together.

Book a painting holiday, there’s lots out there!
Either in the UK or in warmer locations. Set yourself a budget and search the web! Have something planned in the year, something to look forward to,
A great activity holiday, visit places you’ve always want to go to and all the trip is organised for you. Lots to paint, and lots to learn while in the company of like minded people. We have been hosting painting holidays for 16 years, with many of our clients joining us year after year.
Remember, it’s fun not a chore, so don’t stress out about painting with others, beating yourself up that everyone is better than you. If your doing it you’re already ahead.
Be in the moment – have fun!