The beauty of prints!

The beauty of prints!

Not everyone can afford to buy an original painting. They can afford a good quality print. Sometimes a limited edition makes it even more special. More and more artists are selling framed, limited edition signed prints of their artwork. This isn’t a new practise but is becoming much more common. There are several versions of printing available to you and these are just two.

Giclee – this is inkjet printing, with light fast pigment ink printed on fine art paper, that will last for decades.
Digital – this is laser printing, CMYK onto card stock, still good quality, but no guarantees as to light fastness and longevity.

Prints are only as good as the method used to capture the artwork in the first place.

Photographic imagery, great for dynamic range and colour reproduction, inexpensive to do.
Scanning an image, only as good as the quality of scanner you use. The high end scanner is called Cruse, this will cost about £250,000 so not a common purchase. It’s not the same as photographic capture, but it’s equal at times.

Set up may vary, your printer may charge you a base cost to capture an image and then give you a good price for each print. Around £30.00.
Quantities – The good news is if you can buy any amount from 5 – 5000. You have the artists that want a few an buy low numbers and then artists that are buying volume and can negotiate an even better price.

My framer does the whole job, photography, printing, any size, mounting and framing. I just add the number, title and my name. He also produces cards of the same image, provides envelopes and cellophane sleeves.
It’s all very reasonably priced and affordable.