Brentor Autumn Arriving.

Brentor Autumn Arriving.

After a weekend of teaching Autumn Colour I was keen to paint the same scene in Acrylic, to capture the turning of the season from summer to autumn. This painting epitomises that point in the year. I put a base of warm orange on the canvas as a starting point. This was to harmonise the whole painting with tiny bits of orange peaking through.

Thee is some orange left in the sky, orange stalks on the foreground flowers and grasses, and hints of orange where the paint has only just cover lightly the surface of the canvas.

It’s important not to leave too much orange in the background as the warm colour brings forward the image and flattens out the painting.

As each areas is “blocked out“ less and less of the orange is visible.

The beauty of Acrylic is the use of many many laters so that bits of colour show through.

It’s important that once you think your are finished to walk away and look back with fresh eyes and decide where it can be improved.

By looking at shape, tone and detail you identify where to add the finishing touches. Then stop, don’t overdo the painting.
Available as a limited edition, signed, framed print – £150.00