Japan 2019!

Japan 2019!

We are off to Japan for our second painting trip!

How exciting to return to Japan and have another opportunity to explore, discover and paint its stunning beauty! Our trip is two weeks earlie4 than last year and there is a very good chance we will be there in peak blossom time!

We are hosting a 16 day trip, visiting Tokyo, Mt Fuji, Kyoto and Osaka. This year as well as painting and sketching on the go we have organised a whole painting day in each city. Japan is such a beautiful country, wonderful landscapes and cityscapes, beautiful, temples and shrines. Places and gardens, historic and modern.

We enjoy their culture and traditions, they have such beautiful shrines, everything is purposefully designed and arranged.

Drawing and painting on location and in a studio. Plein Air with eclectic scyscraper and traditional palace gardens.

It affords us such a broad spectrum of painting and drawing subjects. We teach composition, sketching, paining, colour, tone, collage, mixed media and abstract.

From 16th – 31st March, you can still join us if you are quick. Get in touch:

Ring Janet: 01566784359. Email: janet@ bramblesartretreat.com