Do I need to draw to be able to paint!


Interesting question – I would say yes, although I have met painters that have a phobia about drawing and say they don’t bother to draw they just go straight in with paint.

Drawing isn’t just about a line, it about observing. The line we often draw is the point at which two edges meet. If we were painting the same thing it would be one coloured area meeting another. Perhaps the area made with the paintbrush are shapes, however the edges of each area are the same shape as the line.

The sense of freedom you have when drawing becomes second nature is well worth the effort needed to learn to draw. When you can forget about the theory and just go for it. When a pen pencil or paintbrush is just an extension of a thought gathered from observing what it is you want to draw or paint.

There are times when I’m so excited to paint I want to skip the discipline of drawing, unfortunately  I pay for it and often have to calm down and plan my idea with a few quick sketches and ” drawings.” There are also days when drawing is such a pleasure, the act of drawing is relaxing, and being in the moment of drawing is mesmerising and all absorbing.