Snow Magic!

Snow Magic!

As Christmas is upon us, you have the opportunity to use wax as a replant, creating snow on the branches of pine trees.

I used to be the greatest advocate of masking fluid, but now wanting to be able to mask quickly without the gloopy mess, and liking the effect for snow,  I use a wax stick.

I have two sizes of wax a standard thick candle wax, app rock 2cm in diameter and a finer wax stick that is about 1cm in diameter.

Before going for it and using the wax on the branches, prep by testing out the sort of marks you use on the branches. As the was is white or transparent it is hard to gauge the amount of pressure needed to create the effect you want. Don’t be too fussy with your matk making, keep it fluid and free! I love the effect.

Use your Fanbrush to paint your pines and finish off with a bit of detail using two sizes of brush to get the correct scale for different size trees.