My fascination with painting Dartmoor!

The drama, the space, the light, the contours, the tors, inspire me to paint. I paint with all of this in mind and out flows an emotional response to this stunningly beautiful landscape.

I enjoy taking photographs of the dramatic skies and the amazing light on the moors, the moody atmosphere, and the disappearing light at the end of the day. Often a snatched hour or two at the end of the day just before the light disappears with a stunning sunset or storm. The photograph used to be as important as my sketch or painting, fulfilling a need to replicate a scene, not any more its now an aide memoir, a snatched glimpse and less of a crutch.

I have sat in my car at the end of the day in pelting rain watching the storm rage over Dartmoor, Dramatic clouds, bold light, mist and torrents of rain. Safe in the car with sketchbook and paint to hand its a great way to capture the moment to grasp the colours to record the cause and effect.

So much of the more in unexplored by me, i hope to walk and find the beautiful places I see posted on Facebook by those walkers and photographers that explore Dartmoor to the full. It will happen, it has to be a balance of exploring and experiencing the beauty as well as recording it.

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