You can choose to paint in one medium or several.

As there are two tutors we cover most of the bases.

Watercolour: Janet Brady teaches Watercolour. Her specialism is using transparent paints. A small range of colours and good quality paper. I don’t use artist quality paints, they are far too intense, I use Cotman and Aquafine tubes.

Recommended materials: Paint : Alizarin Crimson, Scarlet Lake, Transparent Yellow, Sap Green, Dioxin Violet, Ultramarine, Phthalo Blue, Cerulean Blue, Indigo, Burnt Sienna. Paper: Langton “not” 320gr m2 paper. Brushed : Prolene plus 007 brushes – available from Jacksons Natural sponges, Masking fluid. Large plastic palette, masking tape, lightweight board. 2h pencil and eraser and sharpener. Small transparent ruler, kitchen roll.

Oil: Peter Davies teaches Oil painting, he likes to paint alla prima (in one). The king of media, colour is very personal.

Recommended materials: Paint: Ultramarine, Indanthrene Blue, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Napes Yellow,Cadmium Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Red, Alizarin Crimson, Pyrolean Red, Azure Blue, Cerulean Blue, Titanium White, Sap Green, Hookers Green, Light Red. Media: Low Odour thinners, Linseed Oil. Good quality brushes. Surfaces: Canvas, Acrylic paper, Canvas paper.

Acrylic: Both Peter and Janet teach painting in Acrylic. Two different styles, both individual.

Recommended materials: Paint: Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine, Cerulean Blue, Azure Blue, Dioxin Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Naples Yellow, Burnt Sienna, Titanium White, Sap Green. Media: Retarder Gel Brushes: Nylon tipped Surfaces: Acrylic Paper, Watercolour, Paper, Board, Card or any other surface