Magic and Majesty, Venice and Rome! Maybe 2018

Not enough people interested to take this trip forward. perhaps we will try again for 2018

Sketching and painting – We are offering a two city painting holiday starting with 5 nights  in Rome and then catching the train for three nights in Venice.



What a painting opportunity! Two fabulous cites with iconic vistas. This is a sketching and painting feast! Incredible architecture and drama, beautiful skylines.

Challenge 1: The most iconic buildings in Rome is the colosseum and it is certainly a challenge to draw. Taking the time to really carefully draw this amazing piece of architecture will really pay dividends. It took me three goes and I’m still learning,

It takes tons of observation skills to really get the shape right. Serious planning and the use of perspective rules will really help.

It Is diminishing vertically and splaying out towards the bottom of the page. It is diminishing towards the edges, the best way to really see this is to think of it as discs.


Challenge 2: painting the amazing buildings in Venice. Very architectural, but at the same time moody and elegant.

St Marks in Venice s also an iconic building, we sat and drew this, everyone thinking the detail and shapes would be to difficult. The results were fab! Using negative space and symbolism of shape everyone cracked it!

It’s much easier to capture figures with paint and your need far less marks than when you are drawing them. These clusters of people were buzzing around in front of us while we were busy concentrating.

We stood on the Academia Bridge and sketched the Salute, negative shape was the best solution and  a bit of measuring. A preliminary sketch gave me enough of a guide to improve the larger one.

Such an exciting trip, full of brilliant locations and Italian food to boot!

June 10th -18th 2017