Love sketching!

This sketch was a bit scrappy, it was late in the afternoon, a bit cold and the man with the drone stood right in my view.

Really getting into the habit of presketching and sketching for fun. When I want to start a new painting I like to begin by visiting a location, taking lots of photographs, hoping the light is good the clouds dramatic and a great atmosphere. Then I like to sketch in situ, it sometimes works, it sometimes doesn’t, it all depend in the mood.

Dont give up, whatever you do re-enforces the idea, for me the act of sketching helps me formulate my ideas. I often do a quick sketch and then sketch more ideas from photos at home. Mulling over an idea, brings more ideas, gives me lateral things to think about and produces more concepts.

I am trying to fill a whole sketch book dedicated to this project based on Mining Legacy. It’s a fascinating subject and so much to repeat and research on the web. This project culminates in an exhibition at the Tamar Valley Centre 12th – 17th March, Drawn to the Valley art group are  hosting the exhibition. Open 10.00am – 4.00pm every day , closes at 2.00pm on the last day.